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Bragg Jam - Honoring Brax and Tate

During the summer of 1999, Macon singer/songwriter Brax Bragg was on the brink of becoming big. He had just recorded the freshman CD with his new band the Buckleys, and they were scheduled to start touring. But before hitting the highway with his band, Brax took his younger brother Tate, an accomplished classical guitarist, on a cross-country road trip. While traveling through Texas on July 3, the brothers' lives were tragically cut short by a car accident.  In the weeks following the accident, Brax and Tate's friends got together and put on a show as a memorial to the brothers.  What started out as a very intimate show at the Rookery has spawned into a city-wide music festival that benefits Macon's Ocmulgee Heritage Trail and other local causes in Brax and Tate Bragg's honor.

Whether this is your first or eighteenth time attending Bragg Jam, we wanted you to remind you of what this weekend is all about. Thanks to Elliott Dunwoody for putting together this short documentary on the Bragg brothers and the festival's early beginnings.