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Macon Continues to Rock Out

Macon Continues To Rock Out!

By Joey Stuckey

We all know Macon has an amazing history when it comes to 50’s rock, Country, Southern rock and R&B, but, there is a heavier side to Macon that I have always loved. With bands like Some Kids, Great White Lion Snake and, really showing my age here, Lunatic Fringe.

Now, we have another great band taking up the hard rock mantle—“The Hollow “.

I am very proud of these guys as one of my former students Mike Lirette is the artist pounding out the kickin’ drums on this EP.

Mike you might remember was also part of a Macon sensation as drummer for the band “Dirty Sound Professors” another great band I am proud of as they were all my students at one point or another.

The Hollow’s guitar, bass and vocal chores fall to the talented Jordan Liles on this recording. The band does have a bass player for live shows in the personage of Nick Wright.  


From the bands website:

The Hollow is a hard rock band born in the state of Georgia. Tired of listening to and being a part of a massive yet uninspired population of young musicians, The Hollow was formed to share their love and appreciation of heavy music with the world. After playing a host of shows and accumulating an enthusiastic and loyal fan base after the release of their debut EP 'Leaders', The Hollow has begun a brief show hiatus to focus on providing new material to the fans they love and respect. Check out all of their music, join their mailing list, view their content, and be a part of their movement all at


Having gotten an advanced listen to much of the offerings from “The Hollow “, I have to say this is a wonderful effort for such a new band and heavy rock fans will delight in this recording!

From vocals to guitar and drums, these guys know how to capture great performances and the songwriting is great as well with “The Hollow” you get the full package!

In other Macon music news, I also wanted to let my readers know that I am returning to the airwaves, or at least the internet with a brand new music web TV show called “Behind the Shadow”.

As I have done since I was about 22 years old, I will continue to promote music from legends to brand new artists and bands. The show will launch this fall, but, for a preview of what we’re doing, check out the link below: