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It’s July in Macon so get ready to groove and sing along!

Joey Stuckey has a message for Macon, "Get ready to groove and sing along!" 

Joey Stuckey loves this time of year in Macon! There are lots of reasons, but much like March is time for Cherry Blossom and all that amazing entertainment that is brought to our town, similarly July means it is time for the best festival around—Bragg Jam!
The guys over at Bragg Jam really know how to do it right and our town will once again be abuzz with truly incredible entertainment at a price that can’t be beat.  You will see all your local favorites like Macon Music CD artists Some Kids and Matt Rogers and there will also be some amazing acts not from around here that you will for sure want to check out.  For more on Bragg Jam click HERE.

In other summer news, Stuckey has just released a new single that is sure to speak to all you summer lovers out there called “Aint It Good TO Be In Love”. Stuckey co-wrote this song with dear friend Charlie Hoskyns, a tremendous producer and multi-instrumentalist from the UK. They call their side project “Joey Stuckey And The Shadow Bandits”. They have a full albums worth of material and look forward to sharing it with the world over the next year or so.

In the meantime, check out the summer love song inspired by Joey's wife Jennifer.

Ain't It Good To Be in Love - Single by Joey Stuckey & The Shadow Bandits on iTunes