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December 8th To Become Gregg Allman Day

Gregg Allman's family, acquaintances and musical collaborators will honor the late Allman Brothers Band singer with live celebrations taking place in Allman’s three favorite U.S. cities, according to Ryan Reed of Rolling Stone.

Live concert celebrations will be planned around Allman's September 8th release of his final live LP, Southern Blood. "The events will be staged in three of the rock legend's favorite U.S. cities: Los Angeles, Nashville and the Allman Brothers' adopted hometown, Macon, Georgia."

Here is Macon, Macon Mayor Robert Reichert will declare Allman's birthday, December 8th, to be "Gregg Allman Day" during a proclamation on September 9th.  Allman will posthumously receive a key to Macon at a memorial celebration held at the Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House, the former home where the band lived during their early days of music.  Later on that evening, the Big House will host Allman’s son, Devon Allman, long-time friend and manager Michael Lehman, Gregg Allman Band guitarist and musical director Scott Sharrard and Allman's closest friend, Chank Middleton along with The Bitter Southerner Editor-in-Chief, Chuck Reece.

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