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Do It For Col. Bruce Hampton

Attention All Col. Bruce Fans, 

It’s been a year since the passing of Col. Bruce Hampton, and two years since the loss of producer Ross Smith, and one of the many ways to keep their spirits alive is through the official release of their final film, ‘Here Comes Rusty’. They need to raise this last bit of money to cover music licensing fees, before they can get this incredible film–which features Col. Bruce Hampton, Fred Willard, Joey Lauren Adams, Paulie Litt, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, George Porter Jr., Nikki Glaspie, and more–ready for public consumption. Beyond the motion picture, the cast of ‘Here Comes Rusty’ became a family who want nothing more than to deliver their finished product. Thanks to the Smith family for getting production this far, and to the friends, family, and fans who will help this film to the finish line. 

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We are raising funds to complete our film Here Comes Rusty. To complete the unfinished work and dreams of Col. Bruce Hampton and Ross Smith. 

In order for the film to be released the music licensing fees have to be paid. Once the goal is met, and all the post production requirements are met, the movie will be available for purchase and streaming online.