Top 5 Bizzare Antics of James Brown

James Brown lived a lot of life.  He was a Civil Rights activist, an entrepreneur, and the most innovative musician of our time.  Throughout his life, he met multiple presidents, courted many women, and performed plenty of illegal activities.  He lived his life offstage as vivaciously as he did onstage and here are Top 5 of Brown's Most Bizarre Moments.

1.  james brown was electrocuted 4 times

As a young child, Brown was leaning against an air compressor at the gas station where his dad worked when a short circuit sent an electric current through him—singing his hair and melting his shoes to his feet. He became a legend in the neighborhood as the kid that couldn’t be killed.


2.  James Brown tried to murder Joe Tex with a shotgun

Often at Club 15 in Macon, Georgia, Brown would get into clashes with other men, often over women. One clash worth mentioning is the 1963 fight between Joe Tex and Brown.  Joe Tex and James Brown were bitter rivals and the rivalry dates back to the early days of their careers. One particular night, Brown went after soul singer Joe Tex after Tex did a performance making fun of Brown’s cape act. According to local witnesses, “Brown took two shotguns into Club 15, an after-hours juke joint, where Otis Redding and the Pinetoppers were playing, gunning for Joe Tex. In the melee, he ended up shooting six or seven people before jumping behind the wheel of his tour bus and taking off. A member of his entourage handed out hundred dollar bills to keep everyone (including the injured) quiet.”

3.  james brown held an extravagant Funeral for his poodle named Poojie

The Brown family poodle Poojie died when the maid accidentally swung the door open too quickly and cracked the dog’s head. Brown buried the dog in a white casket and held a funeral at his house in Augusta.  Sobbing during Poojie’s lavish funeral, Brown took a knee and was immediately cloaked with his cape by his personal valet, Danny Ray.

4.  James Brown led a two-state automobile chase

Brown was known to occasionally run afoul of the law, most notably in 1988 during a bizarre, PCP-fueled police chase from South Carolina to Georgia.  Brown entered an insurance seminar in Augusta, Georgia, armed with a shotgun and a pistol, and ordered everyone to leave (reports state he was upset that they were using his private bathroom). He then took off in his pickup truck and attempted to outrun police, who chased him into South Carolina and then back into Georgia. Even after police had shot out three of his tires, Brown continued to drive on wheel rims until he ended up in a ditch six miles down the road. Brown was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill and later became inmate number 155413 at the State Park Correctional Institute in South Carolina.

5.  james brown had a dark side

James Brown demanded respect, but he dished it out too.  Once Brown was arrested for beating his wife, Adrienne Rodriguez and attacking her mercilessly with a lead pipe and shooting at a car she was hiding in while they were both on PCP.  Brown was also reported to hate swearing. When his fourth wife Tomi Rae would cuss, he would fine her; and she would have to pay.  Brown was also prone to intense jealousy. Tomi Rae reported that he built a brick wall around their pool so none of the workers in the house would see me her in a bikini.

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