Top 5 Bands From the 1990's

An incredibly eclectic decade for music in Macon, the 1990's saw a surge in popularity of new genres and sounds that never had been heard before.   From Rural Rock to Alternative Indie/Rock, bands of the '90s generated a unique sound and catchy lyrics that captured the enthusiasm and disillusionment of the era.  Here are 5 Macon bands of the 1990's that we undeniably believe should not be forgot.

1.  memory dean

Formed in 1989 by core members Jay Memory and Bubba Dean when both were students at the University of Georgia in Athens working as an acoustic duo act, the group grew with the additions of drummer Larry Voss and bassist Mark "The Shadow" Ross. Constant touring built up a rabid regional fan base, which led to the release of three independently produced albums, 1992's Highway Twenty-Nine, 1993's Memory Dean and 1995's Stomp. All this regional activity eventually caught the attention of Capricorn Records, who signed the band and hooked them up with producer/engineer Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Collective Soul, Cool for August, Matchbox 20) for their debut album, Shake It Up. Still Hungry Souls followed in 1999. "Although a lot of people tried pigeonholing us," says Memory, "we've never fit into any musical category. It would have been easier to say we're a rock band or a pop band, but we're not. All these different elements are important in music, and our goal is to bring them all together."

2.  jupiter coyote

The modern rock five-piece Jupiter Coyote spawns a technicolor blend of bluegrass and American rock. Matthew Mayes (guitar) and childhood friend John Felty (vocals/guitar) started the band in their native Brevard, NC, as a means to earn some money in college. They spent the early '90s playing frat houses and small bars, sharpening their funk and country-pop stylings. Several bandmembers came and went and by the mid-'90s, Mayes and Felty had made Jupiter Coyote their careers. Their steady five-piece, which consists of Mayes, Felty, Steve Trismen (fiddle), Noel Felty (drums), and Sanders Brightwell (bass), was intact by the new millennium. Their album roster includes Cemetaries & Junkyards (1993), Lucky Day (1995), Ghost Dance (1997), and Here Be Dragons (1998). The Live album followed in 2000 with Waxing Moon appearing a year later. Jupiter Coyote plays nearly 200 shows a year and continues to be a mainstay in the South.

3.  Acoustic workshop

Acoustic Workshop was formed by Shane Bridges & Josh Carson in 1994. At the time, the two were attending college at Valdosta State University playing as a duo around the campus. Word began to spread around about the duo and soon they found themselves traveling across the southeast at various college towns. In November of 1994 during Thanksgiving break, the two came home to Macon to record their first cd. They recruited Brad Sorrell on drums and Charles Gaston on bass to record at Phoenix Sound (Old Capricorn Studios). Out of the studio came "Rage" the first CD that would take Acoustic Workshop to another level. The band was formed with Shane Bridges, Josh Carson, Brad Sorrell & Charles Gaston. Rage took off like a wildfire and the band was touring and playing 200+ shows a year. "I remember our first time playing in Chattanooga TN. We pulled up for load in and there were people tailgating for our show in the parking lot. At that point I knew we were on to something" say Shane Bridges. The band would go on and record "Strange Addition" in 1996 and continued to draw huge audiences throughout the southeastern states.

4.  gypsy train

Established in the early 1990's as The Best Rural Rock Band You Never Heard Of,  GYPSY TRAIN redefined musical genres in an age before rock could be country, and country sounded like rock.  With Tim Potts on lead vocals, Rob Sumowski playing percussion, Larry Voss on drums, Russel Walker on bass and John Freeman Hart, IV on lead guitar, Gypsy Train's melodic style was defined as groove-funk, folk-rock and a variety pack of other styles.  Gypsy Train's success took off after the release of their freshman album Karmaranaway.   The debut of their second album, Hayloft Nightmare garnered the band gigs at CBGB in New York and then Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta, opening for the Allman Brothers Band.  Eventually, the same rock story that happens to so many talented bands on the brink of "a major record deal" played out for Gypsy Train.  Bickering between band members became the norm and late one November night in 1995, lead singer Tim Potts  left the band in a umbrage in the middle of the road outside of Greenville, South Carolina after a show. 

5.  mount pilot

Formed in the early 90's, Macon-based rock band Mount Pilot consisted of singer, songwriter and guitarist Chris Moorman, Chuck Puckett on vocals and auxiliary percussion, bassist Wade Handy, Frank Kern on lead guitar, Mark Trawick on drums and Dave Arrington.  Mount Pilot had a penchant for writing songs, and in 1993 the band issued its debut LP Tales From 654 First Street. 

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