Top 5 Macon Recording Studios

In November 2016, Mercer University  announced a partnership with NewTown Macon, Sierra Development and Southern Pine Plantations to bring back to life the historic Capricorn Studio as part of the largest market-rate residential development in the history of downtown Macon.  To celebrate Capricorn's resurgence, here are the Top 5 Recording Studios of Macon.

1.  capricorn studios

Located on Broadway, now Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., this studio gave birth to the southern rock genre, with everyone from The Allman Brothers Band to Wet Willie to Marshall Tucker Band to Charlie Daniels recording here. And with Mercer University’s recent announcement that it has purchased the studio, it will soon have new life in the recording industry.

2.  king studios

King studios was Macon’s first studio and was located on Mulberry Street. Otis Redding’s earliest recordings were recorded at King Studio's, including “Shout Bamalama.”  The building that housed this studio was demolished to accommodate what is now the parking lot next to the Grand Opera House.

3.  muscadine studios

Muscadine Studios is owned and operated by Paul Hornsby, who earned several gold and platinum albums as a producer at Capricorn.  This Vineville Avenue studio is still in operation today. Among the many local and regional artists who have recorded here are Sugar Creek Band, The Grapevine and Emma Kelly, Savannah’s legendary “lady of 6,000 songs.”

4.  bobby smith studios

Bobby had run King Studios before opening his own studio on Millerfield Road in the late 1960’s. James Brown recorded several songs there, including his 1972 hit “Talkin’ Loud & Sayin’ Nothin.” The first band from Macon signed to a major label recorded “I Need You” here in 1968. That band was The Geers, a group of alumni from Mark Smith High School, who signed with SSS International Records. The building that housed this studio is now Jones Brothers Eastlawn Memorial Chapel.

5.  shadow sound studio

Shadow Sound Studios is owned and operated by Macon artist/producer Joey Stuckey, this studio most recently collaborated with NewTown Macon on the project “Macon Music – Volume 1,” a compilation CD that showcases eight up-and-coming artists from Macon and Middle Georgia. Shadow Sound is located on 3rd Street in downtown Macon.


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