Top 5 Songs That Mention U.S. Presidents

By Guest Gatekeeper Ben Sandifer, read about Ben>>

In honor of President's day, we're bringing you - courtesy of Guest Gatekeeper Ben Sandifer - the top 5 songs that mention U.S. presidents! 

1. Abraham, Martin and John by Dion 

Top 5 Arists who mention US presidents in their songs. Dion

This 1968 classic mentions two U.S. Presidents (Lincoln and Kennedy), one who wanted to be (Robert Kennedy) and one who might have been (Martin Luther King, Jr.). A major change in style from the doo-wop days with the Belmonts, this song was Dion’s first hit record in over five years.

2. Song of the South by Alabama 

Alabama Band - Gateway Macon

A #1 country hit just a week before President’s Day in 1989, in between the catchy chorus’ imagery of “Sweet potato pie” and “Gone With The Wind,” the second verse of the song says, “The cotton was short, and the weeds was' tall. But Mr. Roosevelt's a' gonna save us all.” And the following verse mentions the TVA, a project that  came out of the Great Depression that was signed into law by President Roosevelt.

3. We’d Like To Thank You, Herbert Hoover

Top 5 Songs that mention US Presidents - Gateway Macon

This song was in the first act of the original Broadway musical “Annie,” which opened in 1977. The musical score won a Tony Award. However, this song was not included in either the original movie version of “Annie” in 1999, or the more recent one released late last year.

4. Mr. Lincoln by Hank Williams, Jr. 

Hank Williams JR - Gateway Macon

From his 1999 album “America (The Way I See It),” this song mentions the 16th president, by name, twice in the chorus: “Mr. Lincoln, I wish you were here. The Republics changed a lot in a hundred years.
I don't think it’s working like you planned. Mr. Lincoln we sure could use a hand.”

5. Those Were The Days by Carroll  O’Connor and Jean Stapleton 

Yes, the theme for the 70’s sitcom “All In The Family” was actually released as a single record, sung by the actor and actress who played Archie and Edith Bunker. Among all of the nostalgic references like Glenn Miller, The Hit Parade and LaSalle, was the lyric “Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.”

Honorable Mention:

“The Ballad of Richard Nixon” by John Denver and “Warren Harding” by Al Stewart

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