Top 5 Songs That Name Macon in the Title

There is something magical about having a song named for the city you live in.  For a song to be about a city, well, you know that there's got to be something special about that place.  Here are the Top 5 Songs That Name Macon in the Title.

1.  Macon Georgia Blue

the jeff healey band

The song Macon Georgia Blue is from the album titles Get Me Some that was released in 2000.

2.  makin' music macon georgia style

vassar clements

This instrumental titled Makin’ Music Macon Georgia Style is featured on the album Full Circle and was released in 2001

3.  macon county bad girl

jeannie c. riley

The single Macon County Bad Girl can be found on the 1999 album release Harper Valley PTA: The Very Best of Jeannie C. Riley.


4.  macon (georgia greasy) hambone blues

wet willie

Featured on the 1973 album Drippin' Wet from the Capricorn label, Macon Hambone Blues is a blend of R&B, down home soul, greasy blues rock and gospel harmonies.

5.  macon georgia love

michael clay

Macon Georgia Love is from the album San Antonio Songs that was released in 2010 on the VEECTORY label.

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