Lakeside Park

Gateway Macon Fly Cam Aerial Footage Third Wave Digital

Fly high above the historic site of the once-popular Lakeside Park.  In the 20’s and 30’s the lake frequently held contests and other exhibitions such as a water carnival and a Motorboat Regatta.  Bands begin to play at Lakeside in the 60’s and Phil Walden later bought Lakeside in 1975 and opened up the park to the public.  Under the watchful eye of Walden, Lakeside boasted a restaurant, a pub with 5 decks up and over the lake and Macon’s first discotheque that was converted from an old bowling alley.

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Lakeside Park is private property and closed to the public.  In 2015, Gateway Macon was granted special permission by the owner to enter the property so we can bring you this video and the photo gallery below.  We hope you enjoy these images.