Back Burner Restaurant Review

The Back Burner Reborn

The Back Burner restaurant has been around for a long time in “restaurant years” and has always offered a good quality meal at a cozy location. Fortunately for us, when the previous chef decided to pull up stakes and move on to new endeavors, the fate of the Back Burner was never in jeopardy.  There was a conversation years ago between the past owner and the new owner that planted a seed of an idea that would bloom into the rebirth of this charming eatery. Chef Julio has been a force in the restaurant business in Macon for years. When the opportunity came up to take over the Back Burner, the Chef and his wife Karen leapt at the chance to take over this well established business. I had a chance to meet the new owners a few days before they reopened a new menu and a revamped interior.  


The new owners have created a warm and inviting feeling that is just perfect for this cozy location. Of course, the menu offers a lot of the Back Burner signature dishes, but now there are a few exciting new options.  The one additional I spotted on the new menu that called my name was the Eggs Benedict. I knew right then that I had a date with those eggs and Mr. Benedict.  My love for Eggs Benedict goes way back to my childhood, I was a Foodie before the term foodie was coined. My dad used to make this dish for me on special occasions when I growing up. I know it seems slightly strange that an 8 year old would even have a sauce repertoire, but I did and even back then one of my favorites was Hollandaise sauce. I love all things like dips, gravy, sauces and dressing. If someone serves me something with a broken sauce, well we just can’t be friends.  Even my Mema would tell me that if Snapple would have made a Gravy Flavored Snapple that would have been my favorite.

I digress, back to the Back Burner for lunch. During an unusually slow day at the office recently my co-workers were all bored with the usual lunch options and we needed something to shake up our taste buds. Visions of Eggs Benedict danced in my head and a blurted out “Back Burner”, before the others could make a suggestion. My lunch mates were 100% behind my suggestion and everyone was excited to try the new Chef’s fare.

As soon as we were seated I grabbed the first waiter to walk by and demanded Eggs Benedict. My friends immediately calmed me down and asked for a chance to look at the new menu before ordering.  My healthy friend, with the figure that only comes from frequently starving one’s self, ordered her favorite Back Burner dish Seafood and Avocado Salad. My enthusiasm for the Eggs Benedict so impressed my other friend, she had no choice, but to order it as well. When the Eggs Benedict arrived it was heaven on a plate. I always thought my dad made the best hollandaise ever, sorry dad…you’ve been kicked down to second place after Chef Julio. The poached egg was perfect and the Honey ham had a touch of sweetness that was not overly sweet (which honey ham tends to be). All of this amazingness was topped on a softly toasted English muffin. It honestly doesn’t get closer to heaven then that. Every bite was like a ballet of taste in my mouth. I could have drank a side of that sauce, it was just so rich, creamy and pure delight.  The Eggs Benedict was served with a salad of fresh green and potato’s O’Brien. I devoured every…single…bite on my plate. There was nothing left. As for my friend, she also made a Happy Plate finishing off every crumb on her plate. Her excuse “well, I didn’t want it to go to waste” LOL, we all know that’s a sad cover up! Of course, our salad friend ate all of hers, but I’m pretty sure I saw the green streaks of jealousy in her eyes watch us devour the best Eggs Benedict ever. 

We didn’t stop there. Chef Julio sent us each a piece of Strawberry Cake as an added treat. This wasn’t an ordinary strawberry cake either; this was the most well balanced strawberry cake I’ve had in years. Many times with strawberry cake it’s either too sweet or too dry.  It was two layers on decedent strawberry cake with a layer of filling in the center that can only be described as sunshine and homemade strawberry sauce drizzled all over the place. It’s sad that I can’t even remember what was in the center, because as soon as our waitress brought it out I dived in. I know she told us exactly what was in the center, but all my brain heard was James Brown’s “I Feel Good” as soon as I put that cake in my mouth! This strawberry cake was perfect, in all honesty this cake could be the start of a World Peace.

While the Back Burner was always a good choice under the previous owners, with Chef Julio at the helm the Back Burner has moved up to my front burner for dining options in Macon, Ga. Being open for lunch and dinner gives you plenty of options to try this gem of a cozy restaurant and decide for yourself if it is one of the best in town.

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The Back Burner Restaurant

2242 Ingleside Drive