5 Days of Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so our gatekeepers are here to make sure that you get your morning fuel with a little variety as well. 

biscuits burgers & more

If you’re looking for a great spot for breakfast in Macon, GA, look no further than Biscuits Burgers and More! Stop by and take a look over their menus and choose from the favorites you crave; from Big Mike's cinnamon rolls to his biscuits packed with eggs, bacon and anything else imaginable, BB&M delicious food will have you satisfied and ready to start your day!

Nu-Way Weiners 

Already masters of the ultimate lunch portable, the hot dog, we are big fans of Nu-way's portable breakfast sandwiches. Opening times vary by location, but they've always "cracked a few eggs" by 7am!  See Menu


H&H, an iconic, circa-1959 daytime cafe serves up their Southern comfort food for breakfast in a no-frills atmosphere. Known for their home-style southern cooking, most people flock from all parts of the United States to get a taste of H&H’s famous fried chicken. However, what many people do not talk about, that should not be overlooked, is their breakfast. From the thick cheese grits, crispy bacon and their homemade biscuits, H&H’s breakfast is bursting with heart and soul.  See Menu


Johnny V's 

Johnny V’s is the classic American diner serving the classic American breakfast.  Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, homemade biscuits, grits, and more, their Southern breakfast has never gone out of style.


fincher's bbq

Fincher's serves fresh and smoked linked sausage biscuits, eggs, true southern grits and the juiciest bacon around! Fincher's serves breakfast Tuesday thru Saturday from 6:00am to 10am. If you are running late or you can't dine in,  Fincher's offer dine in or drive thru service. Fincher's breakfast is a wonderful way to start out the day!


bonus breakfast

One could literally eat Waffle House at anytime of the day and we invite you to check out our Middle Georgia Waffle House list because not all Waffle House locations are created equal.  Find out which location has the friendliest staff or the cleanest restaurant.  Love chocolate chips on your waffles?  Find out which location goes extra heavy on the chocolate chips.  

The Complete 5 Days of Breakfast Map!