Lemongrass Bistro Brunch

A Dire need for Brunch

Truth be told, I am not a big fan of Thai food. Yes, I have been to Thailand and took a Thai cooking class. Still, not my favorite cuisine. Luckily for me and the rest of Central Georgia the Lemongrass Thai Bistro serves more than just Thai during Brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

After a long Friday night that ended closer to dawn on Saturday, I was in dire need of Brunch. It was a need greater than breakfast palpitations, but not feeling awake enough for full-on lunch. Of course, the perfect solution to that need on any given Sunday is Brunch, but this being a Saturday presented a challenge. Who serves a darn good brunch in Macon, Ga on Saturday? I thought about the Rookery brunch, but alas it is only offered on Sunday. Walking down Cherry Street, still bleary eyed,  the object of my desire was clearly presented in a colorful sidewalk sign... "LEMONGRASS SATURDAY & SUNDAY BIG BRUNCH". Thanks be to the almighty Gods of Brunch, I was in the land of Southern Dining Delights where the Mimosas' are bottomless and the brunch menu is mouth watering.

Seated in a comfy couch style bench the atmosphere at Lemongrass is always causal. My server, Amara, was quick to the table with a menu, a smile and a pleasant attitude. Since this was an emergency brunch visit I got right down to business with my order. The Gourmet Grits Bowls sounded tempting, the Charleston Nasty biscuit reminded me too much of a previous relationship  and the Three Egg omelet wasn't going to stand up to my appetite. The top two contenders for my Brunch-Jones were; Eggs Benedict (2) with smoked salmon and the Creme Brulee French Toast. the decision was a no brainer....  I ordered them BOTH.

After my first cup of coffee, my server explained to me how the Lemongrass Coffee was infused with chicory and she had a fresh pot brewing for my refill cup (TIP for Amara, Raised.) First up was the Eggs Benedict and on curb-appeal alone I was already in brunch heaven. The Hollandaise sauce was luscious and buttery as advertised in the menu. It is harder to make a good Hollandaise sauce than it is trying to spell Hollandaise. A tip of the hat to the chef on that sauce. Digging into the poached eggs to discover the first one was poached to perfection with minimum of runniness and a maximum of flavor. The twist with Lemongrass' Eggs Benedict is the use of smoked salmon instead of Canadian Bacon. I never could understand why people in Canada were so cruel to their pork, but calling it bacon is an insult to any pig. 

After demolishing the first Egg Benedict (Remember its (2) ) the Creme Brulee French toast arrived. OMG, the pure culinary genius of that dish must have made some Chef set for life. I could spend thousands of words trying to describe it, but there are some great pictures attached that are worth my failed attempt to give due and proper respect for this brunch delight. Suffice it to say, no matter what you order at Lemongrass for Brunch add an order of the Creme Brulee French toast. I am gonna go out on a limb here and make you a guarantee; if you are unhappy with this dish for any reason, please send me the used portion and I will gladly eat it for you :)

My second (2) Egg Benedict, fore-lonely stranded on my plate, begged to be eaten. I was not going to risk my brunch karma over wasted delights from France, so I devoured it without remorse. My server was slightly amazed I did not leave teeth marks on the plate, nor attempt to lick clean the special chef-made Creme Burlee sauce off my fork. What can i say, it was a four alarm brunch emergency and I had to raise to the occasion.
After leaving Lemongrass there was one final touch to my Saturday downtown brunch manna-from-heaven experience. A little live jazz saxophone played from the fountain of Cherry street was the perfect ending to a perfect Brunch.  

Lemongrass Thai Bistro
442 Cherry St
Macon, Georgia
(478) 257-6464