Deano's Italian-Dublin

When searching for a restaurant in Dublin I came across Deano’s Italian and was immediately impressed by the fact they claim to be voted as the Number One pizza place in Georgia by none other than USA TODAY. That is a pretty big claim to make. I mean in the entire state of Georgia, which includes the city of Atlanta with probably 10,000 pizzerias and USA Today picked Deano’s in Dublin as Number one, wow.  After doing a little Googling I did find an article that mentioned the top “recommended” Pizza places by state and Deano’s was the only one listed for Georgia.

I took a pass on the pizza and went for a traditional sit down meal. I was initially impressed with the décor and atmosphere. I was expecting a pizza parlor and I got a very nice family restaurant. I was equally pleased with the menu which has a wide variety of options from chicken, steak, fish and pasta. After a brief chat with the server it was determined that several of the pasta dishes were local favorites and of course the pizza was highly recommended.

I decided on the Caprese salad for an appetizer since any real Italian restaurant will take great pride in their Caprese and for the entrée I ordered the Fresh Catch which was Trout served with Au Gratin potatoes and seasonal veggies. The appetizer came out quickly and solidified Deano’s claim to be a real Italian restaurant. The Mozzarella was very fresh, the tomatoes were ripe and the seasoning was perfect.  

Next came the entrée, which was simply delicious. The Trout was cooked perfectly Mediterranean style and the Au Gratin potatoes were some of the best I have tried in a long time. I think I even finished off my dinner companion’s potatoes.

For desert the helpful server highly recommended the Tiramisu. I not a big desert fan on a good day, but I figured I had come all the way to Dublin for dinner I might as well give it a try. Wow, the Tiramisu was pretty darn good. I was thinking of just having a couple of bites and taking the rest home, but before I knew it there was nothing left to take home!

 I would have to say Deano’s would be worth the drive from even further away from Macon, it was that good. On my next trip I thoroughly intend to try the pizza.   I would also give them props on their website! Not often you find a restaurant with such a nice website to help in your decision making process. 

110 Jackson St, Dublin, GA 31021
(478) 275-1117