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It’s one the most anticipated times of the year in Middle Georgia:   The long awaited burst of spring. A celebration of fresh blooms, outdoor fun, and food of the pink persuasion. Macon, Georgia opens its doors a little wider and embraces people from all around the world to share in the joyous occasion that is the Cherry Blossom Festival. We are ecstatic to not only be participating in the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, but also sponsoring the festival as the Official Food Guide. Our team has worked countless hours, with help from our highly engaged audience, to create a spring time food guide that will live on for years to come. From restaurant reviews to top 5s, our experienced foodies has taken the time to curate and celebrate one of our most beloved times of the year. We would like to say that we are eternally grateful for all of you, our readers. You inspire us to keep doing what we love. Your calls, emails, and comments in our social media channels are what keep us motivated. So, from all of us, thank you for being a part of the State of the Plate readership. We hope you will continue to enjoy our publication and to celebrate Macon with us every day.

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