Fountain of Juice

There are some restaurants that you become addicted to.  You can’t quite put your finger on why, because there are so many things that you love about it.  Well Fountain of Juice (FOJ) is that kind of place.  It is a unique locally owned restaurant that is a lunchtime staple for those looking for a healthy meal that tastes great.  FOJ specializes in home-made body nurturing and comforting foods that you are ensured are grade-A quality. 

FOJ is a soup, salad, and sandwich place, but also offers home-made casseroles, smoothes, and juice cleanses.  Plus they hands-down make the best tasting Blondie that you’ll ever have…once you try one, you’ll agree.  As a health conscious person myself, I can attest that what makes FOJ different from other “salad” places are their ingredients.  You truly can taste the difference!  In addition to the normal menu, FOJ offers daily specials which range from quesadillas to Guinness cheddar soup.  The best thing about FOJ is that if you’re not sure what you want, just tell the staff how you’re feeling (or want to feel) and they will have a recommendation for you.  Feeling tired? Try an energizing juice drink with the Roasted Chicken Salad.  Need some proteins?  Try the Superman Sandwich and a Chocolate Chip smoothie.  Fountain of Juice has two locations, one in Mercer Village and the other on Vineville Ave which will soon be moving to the Prado Shopping Center on Forsyth Road.  So if you are an ingredient conscious “foodie” who wants healthy food with a great taste, then you will definitely love Fountain of Juice.