Falls View Restaurant

Gateway Macon Ga Restaurant Reviews Falls View Restaurant Jackson Georgia

Passing through the door at Falls View Restaurant takes you into a foyer with a large brick fireplace and comfy rocking chairs.  It's a little like coming home to grandma's place.  But you can't sit around because the smell of all the delicious food cooking is already whetting your appetite.  It's a good, appetizing aroma that says "You're about to have a fantastic meal!"  I've been eating at Falls View for nearly forty years.  In fact, the same waitress who served my parents and me way back then was there this past weekend when my mom, my wife, and my daughters and I dined there.  How's THAT for culinary history?


Most of the meals come with coleslaw or as simple garden salad.  My wife doesn't like ANY coleslaw, except for Falls View Restaurant's, and Fresh Air Barbeque (Both in/around Jackson.  Coincidence?  Maybe not.)  So that's high praise.  Plates of sweet & dill pickles and raw onions are also brought to the table along with whatever appetizer you order.  But that's just to warm up anyway while the meal is prepared.

Gateway Middle Georgia Restaurant Review Falls View Restaurant Jackson Georgia

My wife and I always order flounder, and are never disappointed.  Fried, it's lightly battered, crunchy on the outside and always tender on the inside.  The fish is also available grilled, broiled, or blackened.

My mother has always ordered the catfish, and you can get it bone-in or out, and that's probably their premiere fish.  My mom enjoyed her baked potato and we liked our fries.  They also serve cheese grits, and I've been meaning to try them.  Maybe next time.

Gateway Middle Georgia Restaurant Review Falls View Restaurant Jackson Georgia

To be honest, my kids are picky eaters.  So was their mom and I at their age, so we can't be too harsh about it.  They get the chicken tenders and french fries, and both enjoyed their food.

Gateway Middle Georgia Restaurant Review Falls View Restaurant Jackson Georgia

My mother in law always enjoys Falls View Restaurant's steak, and my father in law enjoys the salmon.  And the fresh made strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Scratch that.  Appetizer.  He enjoys the shortcake as an appetizer.  Before the meal.  Oysters, scallops, deviled crab, and shrimp are on the menu as well.

Gateway Middle Georgia Restaurant Review Falls View Restaurant Jackson Georgia 

I have to make a special note about the huspuppies.  Hushpuppies are a part of any fish house's meal.  Falls View Restaurant is the place that gets them right. PERFECTLY crunchy on the outside, nice and soft on the inside, and no huge chunks of onion.  Honestly, I'd go there just for the hushpuppies.  In fact I have... stopping there when traveling  through the area, and ordering pups to go home for my own fish fry.

So for nearly forty years and 3 generations, Falls View Restaurant has been serving up great fish to me and my family.  Your family should check it out, too.  It's worth the drive.


  • Thursday - 4pm to 8:30pm
  • Friday - 4pm to 9:30pm
  • Saturday - 4pm to 9:30pm

42 Towaliga River Dr.
Jackson, GA 30233