Whenever I have a taste for chicken wings, Francar’s is my go-to place. Open since 1993, it is the Granddaddy of wing places in Macon, and is now located in the heart of Mercer Village.  Francar’s has over 40 different wing sauces to choose from, so there is something to please everyone.  My favorite sauce is the Tangy Peach, which has the perfect amount of sweetness and spice.   In addition to the wide variety of wing flavors, there are also seafood options, and a selection of down-home sides ranging from collard greens to macaroni and cheese. 

Francar’s is a popular choice for college students, not just because it is situated on the edge of the campus of Mercer University, but also for the value meal options on the menu.  For under $4, you can still get a satisfying meal.  The dining atmosphere will make you reminisce about your college days, and have you planning your next tailgate for a Mercer Football game.