Grey Goose

This isn’t the place where you feel the need to impress other by how you dress. Leave the collared button-down and Sunday fancy pants at home. The only thing you need to show off at Grey Goose Player’s Club is a big appetite. Family owned and operated this restaurant has been in continuous operation since 1989 and has been a local’s go to place for good food and drinks in a cozy setting. The Grey Goose is the home of the Original Gooseburger, which has nothing to do with water fowl and everything to do with a great burger.

My first thought is I don’t think I’m going to like anything made with “Goose”, but I was reassuringly told it’s just the nick-name of their world famous hamburger! This burger isn’t for any lightweight in loafers, it’s for people who have a working man’s appetite and are in need of a stick to your ribs meal. The Gooseburger consists of a half-pound of ground chuck cooked to your liking and served with fresh homemade fries.

Every day The Grey Goose offers different specials. The day I went, one of the appetizers was “Grits Fries”, curious I asked the waitress what exactly was a grits fry? She said it was cheese grits rolled, battered and fried. They also came with a bacon aioli dipping sauce… bacon dipping sauce. I needed to say that twice so you didn’t just skip over it. As soon as I heard that, she knew from the look on my face I was getting a whole order to myself. I also decided to order the basil turkey burger and my lunch mate ordered the world famous Gooseburger.  

Both burgers came to our table and our mouths were watering. The basil turkey burger was one of the best turkey burgers I have ever had, maybe even the best. I also tried the Gooseburger and it was exceptionally juicy and cooked to perfection. After we devoured everything on our plates and I’m talking licked clean plates, we both looked like we were just going to fall over into a food coma.

When it comes to a comfortable place that takes great care in the preparation of their food you can not beat the Grey Goose restaurant. You do not stay in business as long as they without making people happy and the owners have learned that lesson well. When we left the Grey Goose me and my lunch mate both agreed that a return visit would be in order. So, throw on your comfy jeans and work up a good appetite and head over to the Grey Goose for a meal that all locals love.

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