Hilton Garden Inn Mercer University

People are often surprised to hear that some of the best meals that I have had were at hotels.  This is why my husband and I decided to have dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn Mercer University.  The atmosphere was nice, and is what you would expect from a newly renovated Hilton brand hotel.  I expected the food to be good, but the meal we had was FAR beyond that.  It was amazing.  We both ordered the special, which were Turkey Meatloaf w/mashed Potatoes and English peas.  It is rare to find a restaurant that serves turkey meatloaf, so this was a plus for me since I don’t eat beef or pork.  The food was cooked to perfection, and had that home-made taste to it. 

We were so impressed with the food, staff, and service, that we held a catered event in the ballroom several months later.  For the catered event, the Hilton created the following menu for our guests:

  • Mixed salad
  • Herbed chicken
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Sweet potato soufflé
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables
  • Assorted rolls
  • Cheesecake

Again the food was amazing, and our guests ate EVERYTHING! No really, not one piece of food was spared.  I am beginning to think that the catering department has rounded up all the grannies in Macon-Bibb County and hired them to cook the food.  The sweet potato soufflé had the perfect amount of sweetness, and was served without marshmallows.  Don’t stone me, but I hate marshmallows on sweet potato soufflé.  The macaroni and cheese, was traditionally made and baked in a creamy cheese sauce.

The pricing was very reasonable for both regular dining, and catered events, and they also have a full-service bar for alcoholic beverages.  This restaurant should definitely be added to your “must try” list.