Hudson's BBQ

Some have heard of this little gem in Byron, some haven’t…Which is a shame. Located right off of the 149 exit off I-75 is Hudson’s BBQ. One night a few weeks ago, my husband finally relented and agreed to go with me to check it out. First of all I must say since I’m not a true Georgia Peach, my bbq history is a little shady since I’m from Florida. I obviously, know bbq much better after moving to Georgia and it’s something I truly love. I mean I had my rehearsal dinner at a bbq restaurant so my Florida family and friends could get a little taste of the amazing bbq Georgia has to offer. Back to Hudson’s.

We walked in there on a Tuesday night with a pretty decent crowd. My husband loves Ribs, so naturally that is what he ordered along with some coleslaw. He’s a total meat lover almost to the point of being a little too expensive to take out. Apparently, Chicken isn’t a “meat” to him. I ordered one of my favorite bbq meats, the meat that tests the standards of every bbq restaurant. The Brisket! Along with the brisket, I had some potato salad and some Brunswick stew. The brisket was so tender it just fell apart not to mention it was a huge helping! Not only was the brisket tender and flavorful, they had the best bbq sauce I’ve had in a long time. Kind of thick and just a little bit of a kick, pure perfection!

On to the ribs, after our order came to the table my husband studied the ribs like an archeologist digs gingerly for dinosaur bones. He’s so intense and precise; I just hunker down and get to grubbing. The meat literally fell off the bones. He was like a kid in a candy store, the look on his face realizing that this place is minutes from our house and had the best rack of ribs he’d ever had, it was priceless. He ate the entire rack. So much that he couldn’t even eat dessert. Speaking of dessert. OH MY LAWD….Peach Cobbler is better than your mother’s or grandmother and I can say that because my grandma makes amazing peach cobbler, Hudson’s however is better and I’m not ashamed to say that. We got a pint to go. Lasted 1 serving and was still warm when we went to dig in. Obviously, my husband was good to go on the peach cobbler front as soon we got home. A little vanilla ice cream on top and you might imagine you are getting dessert served to you by a Michelin Star Chef!

The only bad thing about Hudson’s is the food is so good, that if you don’t get there in time, they might sell out. But honestly that should tell you just how good the food is!