Ingleside Village Pizza

piz·za -noun

A dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables.

The definition of Pizza leaves much to be desired.   Lucky for us we have Ingleside Village Pizza to give a much expanded interpretation of the definition of pizza and help us indulge our pizza fantasies. When I moved to Macon a few years ago, the first thing I asked my co-workers was, “Any good pizza places around here?” I’m not a huge fan of the chain pizzas operations. I’m not saying I won’t eat their product, but if there is a choice I prefer local options.  Both co-worker said “Ingleside” in unison.

I was a little skeptical about how great this pizza was going to be since I was so loyal to my hometown pizza place. I figured since I was now a Maconite, I needed to give this place an honest try and be open minded. OH boy! I was not disappointed. As soon as I walked into IVP I knew I was in pizza heaven. There is such a lively atmosphere at IVP that you just know this place has a heart.  I absolutely love the eclectic décor, the fun and easy going vibe of the staff and the smell of pizza in the oven. After reviewing the menu I wanted to try everything, but I decided on the lunch special.

Come on, you mean I can get an awesome slice of pizza, a drink and a salad for only $5.75 (WHAT A STEAL). I ordered a piece of the Ultimate Village (Costs about .75 extra and so worth it). My co-worker decided that I needed to try the garlic knots and if you get them, might as well make them SLOPPY!   Wow, I absolutely loved those sloppy knots. I almost ate the entire order by myself. If I could have spooned that garlic butter on my pizza I would have. Of course, I was new at work and I didn’t want my co-workers to think I was a pizza addict. So, I stopped short of liking the sloppy sauce of the basket.

When the pizza came out it was hot and piled high with delicious toppings. One thing I love about Ingleside is the cheese they use, its REAL, and they put on enough you can actually taste it! So many pizza places really skimp on the cheese and toppings, but not Ingleside Village pizza!  It’s obvious why Ingleside is #1 for pizza, they are a total package. Everything they make is so good, it’s no surprise why this place is an institution!  If you have been to Macon and never made it to Ingleside. I’m sorry for you. I know this isn’t New York, but honestly I don’t know if New York Pizza can even hold a candle to Ingleside! After my first lunch at IVP I was hooked.

My co-workers gave me the funny look when I order a slice of Village Ultimate to go. I explained it was for my husband, but we both know that slice never made it home.

Ingleside VIllage Pizza: 

2395 Ingleside Avenue, Macon, GA 31204

478-750 8488