Joe D's on Ingleside

Joe D’s  is one of those places to eat that every town should have. They have great food, great atmosphere and owners who really care about their customers. I love Joe D’s for a lot of different reasons, first off you can get any kind of sandwich you want, any way you want it, on any type of bread. Now that is service! Another reason to visit Joe D’s often is the Soups…OH MY Gosh, The soups are out of this world good. They are all homemade and change daily, so you have to check their Facebook page to see what is on the menu each day.

Let me tell you a little story about my first love at Joe D’s, it’s the Tomato Bisque soup. I ventured over there to their location, which I do often because it’s close to where I work and they have vegetable beef, tomato bisque and a few other soups to choose from. I started off in a mood to try the vegetable beef, which they were out of (GET THERE EARLY). I’ve always been kind of “take it or leave it” about tomato soups, but Karen the owner said, “Try it and You’ll love it” that was the understatement of the year. As I licked the cup clean, I realized that the biggest mistake I made was not getting the bowl size! 

On top of fantastic sandwiches and soups, they have awesome salads, if you are into watching your figure. Personally,  I’m not so much into rabbit food and as for watching my figure, well you can tell my interest is more into eating good than fitting into a slinky little black dress, lol. Sometimes the owners even smoked bbq wings and brisket which is a rare treat you must try.

This is a family owned establishment, they are always smiling, talking to customers and it makes you feel like you are coming into their home and having lunch. I guess if every city had a Joe D’s there would be a lot less fast food restaurants and a lot more healthy people. Luckily for you we have a Joe D’s and I highly recommend you get there for lunch one day soon!

Ingleside- next to Karsten and Denson