Joy's Buffet

Gateway is sad to report that Joy's Home Cooking Buffet has closed as of August 2018.


As one yelp reviewer stated.. “Joy’s is a local hidden gem”. This is true. So many people pass Joy’s on a daily basis as it’s located on Tom Hill Sr and Riverside in the tucked away little area behind Chipotle and Panda Express. My co-worker and I didn’t know what to expect we had heard all these good things so we decided to give it a try.

Remember I’m extremely open minded and I don’t shy away from any buffet so I was kind of excited. My co-worker on the other hand is what I would call “Picky”. Don’t get me wrong he likes food, but he’s not about to try anything out of his normal range. So we are both strolling into Joy’s with different mind sets. First of all the place was pretty packed, which to me is always a good sign. We sat a booth and then proceeded to the buffet.

I always start with a salad, I know it’s useless and lettuce is pretty much a vessel to get whatever dressing I’m in the mood for into my system. What you don’t know is if you have less than par dressing it is a strike against you. Everything on the cold bar was extremely fresh and delicious. I had normal salad, ceaser salad, chicken salad, tuna salad and deviled eggs!!

Now my lunch partner he doesn’t do salad. He’s a meat and vegetables kind of person. After Mr. Picky Pants did 2 laps around the hot buffet he piled some delicious veggies on his plate with some mashed potatoes that didn’t look box mad, cornbread and roll. In this business we don’t care about carbs. His strategy is obviously different than mine. Mine is “DIG IN”, he’s more of a how can I place these things on my plate in a constructive manner.

My first trip to the hot bar consisted of what I like to call “The Essentials”, mac & cheese, fried chicken, rice, meatloaf, some Brussel sprouts (I like veggies too!) and a roll. After I finished that plate, I decided to try some of the squash casserole and a cup of vegetable beef, both delicious. My partner polished off 2 plates of veggies and he even tried the meat loaf and loved it. The only downside, was they had a dessert bar and because we were too full from the amazing buffets we couldn’t stuff anything else down our gullets. Next time we said we would do dessert first, you know what they say “When in Rome”…and I’m pretty sure the Romans ate dessert first.


Gateway is sad to report that Joy's Home Cooking Buffet has closed as of August 2018.