Macon Pizza Company

For a few months now a co-worker of mine has been really bugging me to give Macon Pizza Company a try. I love pizza, but it’s all the way across town from our office and I did not want his to turn into a 2 hour lunch. I finally gave in when my co-worker said “I’ll drive you there”… DONE! So after convincing another co-worker to give it a try we all piled into the Dad Van and away we went.

Macon Pizza Company use to be named Digiorgio's Pizza, after the owner’s last name. Unfortunately, too many confused Digiorgio with DiGiorno, a popular frozen pizza maker. Instead of changing his last name the owner decided to rename the pizzeria to Macon Pizza Company.

As soon as we walked up to the door, I saw a Gateway Macon sign… I feel like that’s always a good omen and there were quite a few people there even for a late afternoon lunch. After giving the menu heavy consideration, I was quite certain I was going with the Chicken Pesto. I love an out of the box kind of pizza. So I placed my order with a girl that was probably 11 or 12 and she had better accuracy and customer service skills than most adults. Talk about efficient!

My co-workers put their orders in and then we took a seat to wait while our orders were freshly prepared. My co-worker who loves this place and is even on a first name basis with the owner splurged for some Shark Bites. If you don’t know what Shark Bites are let me take you on a little journey. These are nothing like Jaws, but if you eat enough of them you will have 2 chins. Soft dough cooked to perfection, lovingly doused with garlic butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Let’s just say this plate of perfection could have served a large hungry crowd for the $4.00 cost, but they didn’t have a chance at our table. Talk about scarfing them down. I think it turned into a Shark Bite competition!

I was even more excited about the pizza, if you can make someone lose their mind and manners over some fried pizza dough just think what this place could do with a whole pizza pie.

When our pizza’s arrived I forbid anyone from eating until I had taken photos of everyone’s order. I know it’s a pain, but it’s a necessity because when I tell people about the experience I had at Macon Pizza Company I wanted them to not only hear my words, but have envy in their eyes while looking Longley at the perfect photos!

First off let me just say. Next time I go, I’m ordering a pizza and a calzone. My Chicken Pesto Pizza was absolute perfection. The crust was exactly the way I like my crust, not too thin to be crispy, but not too thick that I feel like all I’m eating is dough. The Pesto wasn’t over powering which can happen quickly. The cheese, chicken and garlic all complimented each other to create a powerful flavor explosion in my mouth.

Even after I ate my entire personal pizza, I stared hungrily at my co-worker while he savored the last few bites of his calzone. I think he paused once, took a breath and said it was the best calzone he’s had in the entire state of Georgia.

All in all, it was a fantastic dining experience. While I was writing this I realized I could pick up some shark bites, a pizza and a calzone on the way home today. Not sure everything would make it home…..


Macon Pizza Company
5978 Zebulon Road
Plantation Center
Macon, GA 31210