Mikata Japanese Steakhouse

Mikata Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is a Middle Georgia tradition for group celebrations, from birthdays and prom night to reunions and other events with family.  Like most  Japanese steakhouse experiences you are seated around a teppanyaki, or "hibachi" style grill where a chef prepares your food.  If your party isn't large enough to take up all the seats at the grill, you will be seated with strangers which kind of adds to the uniqueness.  This is not an intimate "dinner for two" place, it more of a social experiment in dinning.

The hibachi chefs not only prepare your food right before your eyes, but they give you a traditional tepanyaki show as well.  Chefs display their prowess with knives and spatulas, slicing and dicing your meal with expertise. As always, no live hibachi show is complete until the stacked-onion flaming volcano is ignited.

So what about the food at Mikata?  In a word: excellent.  They start you off with a light salad and a vegetable-broth soup to cleanse the palate.  They offer steamed and fried rice (we recommend the fried!), as well as stir-fried vegetables.  Entrées include chicken, steak, lobster, filet mignon, salmon, and more.   Your entrée is served with a ginger sauce and shrimp sauce (also called "yum-yum" sauce).  A lot of people will skip the ginger and double-up on the shrimp sauce.  Honestly, it doesn't come any better than Mikata's.  You can also order from the sushi-bar menu which offers plenty of unique tastes and textures.  The hibachi style meal is typically wrapped up with an orange or lime sherbert to cleanse the palate.

The fried rice is excellent, without too much sauce, onion, or carrots mixed in.  A Just right blend of seasoning, rice and whatever meat you prefer.  I always make it a double-order of the fried rice, with one portion to go home with me.  I added the chicken to my rice, and it was tender, juicy and there was enough out it to stand out from the other ingredients . The food at Mikata is always full of distinct flavors but it’s never over-sauced to the point of excess.

A note on drinks.  They have a mixed-fruit house specialty beverage called The Mikata, served with and without alcohol.  I usually don't care for fruity drinks, but this one is quite the treat offering just enough fruit without overkill on the sweetness.  I highly recommend at least one Mikata before the dinner show starts.

Mikata’s prices are reasonable for this type of dining experience, and you get plenty of food for your dollars.  If it's a special celebration, they'll bring out a candle to be blown out and sing a traditional Japanese birthday song along with the English standard.  You can also get a pineapple boat for your celebration.  I've dined here for birthdays, anniversaries, and with a friend before he was deployed to the Middle East.  All were special occasions, made more special by Mikata's.

On weekdays you can usually walk-in and be seated without much wait.  On weekends, holidays, and prom season, we recommend reservations.

(478) 471-7573

Mikata Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
2972 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA 31204

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Fri, Sat: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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