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Culinary creativity in my family certainly wasn’t at my mother’s dining table. Mother thought making a Mickey Mouse pancake was the pinnacle of haute dining.  It was my Grandma who always knew how to put out a family feast fit for royalty. Recently, I took a little road trip to a restaurant that would have made my Grandma proud and probably make my Mother faint.  

Bolingbroke is right up the road from Macon, so we will just call it Macon North. After about a 10 minutes on the interstate you reach this quaint little town named Bolingbroke, Georgia that has a big personality. The anticipation of driving to Miss Hattie’s was like the feeling I would get when driving to my grandma’s house for a family meal. Miss Hattie’s place looks like a home from the outside and you can smell good food cooking as you walk up to the front door. As soon as we were seated our waitress came over and brought corn bread muffins with peach butter. Have you ever had peach butter? No. Me neither, but I can tell you now that it is an experience my mouth still remembers fondly. My work buddy that was with me asked her if they had any berry butter. Of course, they did. Seriously, BLUEBERRY BUTTER.  I’m pretty sure the corn muffin just became a tool to shovel into my mouth as butter as possible at this point.

After glancing over the menu I had reached that dreadful point when trying any new restaurant. Decisions, decisions, what was the best item on the menu for my first Miss Hattie’s experience. When the time came to actually pick the entrée I was seriously undecided. I want to say that one thing I loved is Miss Hattie’s ALWAYS posts her menu on Facebook. How convenient is that?!? So I did have a rough idea what to expect which really helped with the decision making process. With that being said you would have thought I would have known exactly what I wanted walking in the door. I didn’t… It was a toss-up between the chicken tenders and the Pimento Cheese with Bacon on Texas Toast. I couldn’t help it. I have a strange addiction to Pimento Cheese, so the decision was made at a deeper level for me. I also opted for a side of Mac & Cheese since I have heard it was fantastic. The anticipation of the arrival of lunch was almost overwhelming! My heart was palpating, I had a slight sweat on my brow and stomach was doing back flips. When our food made it’s grand entrance I was already salivating like Pavlov's Dog. Oh, was it ever worth the wait!

I did a head dive into that creamy macaroni and cheese, to the point that I almost forgot to take a photo before I ate it all!  Luckily, there was a little left to make it look like I hadn’t devoured 80% of it. It had that homemade taste that made me think of Grandma’s best. No shells in a box with a packet of cheese mix will ever be found at Miss Hattie's, which totally made me think about the time I tried to help my grandma make macaroni and cheese. I saw the milk she was getting ready to measure and for some reason I decided it needed to be shaken up. This would have been a good idea except for the fact the lid was open on the milk container. Whoops, my bad, Milk EVERYWHERE. Grandma told me not to worry and that some people were born to cook and other people were better off just doing the eating. According to grandma I most definitely fell into the latter category. That advice came in handy when I finally got around to my homemade pimento cheese sandwich on Texas toast with bacon. It was absolutely delicious and the bacon added a kick to the pimento cheese that I did not think was possible. I’m serious considering nominating that sandwich on our TOP 25 Tastes of Macon list that is coming soon. (You can enter your favorite here; http://gatewaymacon.org/restaurants-and-bars-macon-ga/tastes-of-macon.cms

My lunch partner got fried chicken tenders, peas and green beans. I guess I kept eyeballing his chicken tenders so he decided to let me try one. It was so good, juicy tender and better tasting than the last dozen chicken tenders I have eaten!  I was done with my lunch before my lunch mate even got started on his second tender. Such a Light Weight!

Since I knew I couldn’t eat anything else, I did opt for a piece of Yellow Cake with Chocolate frosting to take back to the office with me. If you know anything about me, then you know Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting is my go to favorite all-time desert. This cake was no exception. Moist and delicious from the first bit to the last!

When I got home from work that night I felt the overwhelming urge to call my Grandma. She got the biggest laugh when I reminded her of the spilt milk incident and her advice that I stay out of the kitchen and wait patiently at the dining table.  So I have to thank Miss Hattie for not only giving me a great meal, but for prompting me to call my Grandma.

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UPDATE - As of April 4, 2018, Miss Hatties as a restaurant is closed, and we do miss this fine restaurant.