Molly's Cafe

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for antiques, sandwiches and sweet tea. With that in mind there's no way that I wouldn't love Molly's Cafe. Located on the corner of Cherry Street and Martin Luther King,  Molly's has a location that just can't be topped. Sitting in the window and watching Macon go by is a treat in itself.  Although I would have been just as happy seated at one of their antique dining room tables, where no two tables are the same. This little bit of whimsy along with the touches of pink and the light pouring in from the windows on two sides make Molly's feel quite feminine, but in the best way possible.

We are told that Molly's name is taken from the song "Good Golly Miss Molly" from Macon great Little Richard. Only open for lunch on the weekdays and now Sundays it’s a little tough to catch it open, but this girl is one worth waiting for.

My usual drink of choice is coke, but as a good southern girl I put sweet tea as  a close second, and on this particular morning I felt sweet tea was in order. I'll admit, I have begun to shy away from ordering sweet tea while out to eat because my mouth has been accosted by too many glasses of burnt tea, too sweet tea and not sweet at all tea. However I was positively overjoyed by Molly's perfect sweet tea, all I can say is that it took me back to sitting at my grandmothers table on thanksgiving.  Just like Nana used to make.

A good sandwich is all about the details and my turkey club was a simply perfect collaboration. The bread was toasted just enough to support the goods inside, and the turkey, lettuce and tomato melded together perfectly for one fantastic bite after another.  Although I have to say the real star of my lunch was the tomato basil soup, it looked almost chowder-y in appearance but was totally smooth in texture and packed some serious tomato flavor. I know I am somewhat accustomed to bland imitations of Tomato soup a la the Campbell's can, so it was a real treat to have such a perfect example of what tomato soup should be. 

My fiancée's meal of the Molly's Famous Monte Gristo was equally tasty, I mean what sandwich topped with powdered sugar and served with raspberry sauce is not divine? But truthfully I was a little too obsessed with my own meal to spend much time stealing bites of his. I did, however sample the pasta salad, and it was excellent. It tasted freshly made, the noodles cooked perfectly and the dressing not too overpowering.  Too many times, I find myself sorely disappointed in pasta salad sides at lunch establishments but Molly's definitely delivered. 

402 Cherry St.
Macon, GA 31201
(478) 744-9898