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The El Camino Taqueria & Cantina

A Taqueria and Cantina featuring authentic Mexican food is taking over Second Street!

Once upon a time, eating authentically in downtown Macon meant sidestepping into one of a very few dining palaces, very far removed from the grungy streets and abbreviated skyline of the city's focal points.   Only a few years and thousands of loft dwellers later, downtown Macon now has some of the best restaurants in town, pretty glass-and-metal framed bistros and neo-Creole food served in some of Macon’s oldest buildings.  And starting in January 2016, you can eat stellar tacos, exquisite pico de gallo or drink with friends cantina style, right next door to the Cox Capital Theater.  Wes Griffin and Chad Evans, owners of the Moonhanger Group, are continuing at full speed to complete their business-minded preservation ventures with their newest eatery El Camino,  opening January 2016 on 378 Second Street. 

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