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Hardy Farm Announces New Roadside Stand

Hardy Farms has been a family owned business since 1935

Hardy Farms Announces Brand New Peanut Road Stand Location 

Hardy Farms has been a family owned business since 1935 and their longstanding reputation for quality has made their peanuts some of the most popular in the state! Hardy Farms pick their peanuts daily, then cleans, processes and packages them just for you, allowing you to take them from the bag directly to the pot!

Everybody knows you can get Hardy Farms fresh boiled peanuts directly at 20 Middle Georgia roadside peanut stands from August to October. Their newest roadside stand has been announced and will be located at the corner of Riverside Drive and Arkwright Road at the Walthall Oil Convenience Store.

Click HERE to find a Hardy Farms roadside peanut stand location near you!

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