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After 10 years, it appears that you can no longer outsource your kitchen

It appears that you can no longer outsource your kitchen.  Super Suppers, a popular take-and-bake business has reportedly closed.

Over a decade ago, time-strapped moms welcomed the meal-preparation business here in Macon known as Super Suppers.  Customers would visit the Forsyth Road location to pick up several days worth of healthy uncooked entrees in freezer-ready to-go tins, with stick-on instructions for boiling, simmering, baking or stir-frying the contents into quick dinners at home for their families that would save time and money.

The concept of Super Suppers was to give busy families the opportunity to prepare home-cooked meals ahead of time. Each month a twelve-item menu would be made available. Clients would sign up for a session to prepare these meals, with recipes and all required ingredients provided. The standard session provided all twelve meals from that month's menu for around $200. Each meal served six, and the firm's official website suggested the typical cost of $3 to $3.50 per serving.

Allowing people to get together in a fun atmosphere and prepare batches of meals they'd take home to their families to eat later was a great concept, but here recently it seems the novelty wore off due to the tough economy and the business suffered.