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Love burgers? Love milkshakes? Love corndogs and quesadillas?

The North Carolina-based fast-food chain, known for its American-style backyard barbecue menu, is set to open a location in Macon.  

The Macon-Bibb County Commission is expected to approve next week the use of right of way for a future Cook Out restaurant in west Macon, in the former location of JL’s Open Pit Bar-B-Q.  

The restaurant boasts an extensive assortment of entrees, sides and milkshake flavors that the menu could overwhelm the typical wavering customer in the drive-thru. There are several styles of burgers, hot dogs, pork barbecue and chicken sandwiches. There are quesadillas and hush puppies. And it’s possibly the only restaurant where you can get a corn dog as a side with your burger.

Stay tuned to Gateway Macon for more updates!

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