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Meet Your Next Obsession: Nummy Buns

Just when you thought your addiction to sweets couldn't get any more intense, Nummy Buns appear out of nowhere!

When we heard about Nummy Buns, we knew we had to try them.  Within 10 minutes of  arrival, this frosted, fresh-baked, thick, fluffy, pull-apart cinnamon infused breakfast fantasy was gone...Without a doubt, Nummy Buns are the fluffiest, gooiest cinnamon buns we have ever tasted.  These flawless baked cinnamon rolls are airy and rich, with a menagerie of spices threaded through the roll in a dark mahogany ribbon of fragrant cinnamon that is made fresh locally with fresh local products; and that is something everyone can get behind!

Also, we were excited to hear that Nummy Buns just announced TWO great ways to purchase these bready, gooey, icing drenched cinnamon rolls.  You can purchase Nummy Buns through weekly custom CSA basket AND every Thursday & Friday at Joe D's On Ingleside.  Since Nummy Buns became available at Joe D's for Thursday and Friday purchase, they have sold out completely, so we suggest pre-ordering via their Facebook page or calling ahead, since they are made in limited quantities and will sell out before lunch!

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Wonder how are Nummy Buns are made?​  Watch this video to see how they make their small-batch handmade buns with local pecans and organic dairy in ‪Macon‬ GA!