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Ice Cream Shop Opens in North Macon

With a beautiful weekend ahead, time to check out what just opened in North Macon!

Macon Swirls Opens on Bowman Road

Macon Swirls offers up soft serve ice cream, Gelato and Italian ice.  Macon Swirls Italian ice is non fat, dairy free and gluten free.  Swirl it with their vanilla custard to make delicious Gelati.  

Macon Swirls offers 12 flavors in all with 6 great twist flavors.  Coming in mid-July they will have amazing hand scooped ice cream with flavors like Cotton candy explosion- Cotton candy ice cream with pop rocks, Banana pudding, Blueberry cheesecake, Superman,  Cookie monster- blue vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies and cookie dough just to name a few.  12 great flavors in the ice cream cabinet helping make your summer great!