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Macon restaurateurs branches out into a line of clothing

This streetwear clothing compnay is based out of Macon, GA


If you have ever had the chance to dine at Roasted Cafe & Lounge, you'll know its the hip hangout in downtown Macon that offers up a Mediterranean dining experience like no other complete with outdoor seating and live music.

Just a few months ago, Roasted announced its new dinner service, but the restaurant isn’t the only part of the brand that’s growing. Roasted Cafe and Lounge now offers much more than just coffee, adult beverages and great food.  The fine folks over at Roasted Cafe & Lounge have now launched Roasted Clothing Co., a brand and culture of the Roasted Clothing line and accessories that strives to create clothing that embraces the lifestyle of the people who wear their brand.  Roasted Clothing Co. is a streetwear clothing based out of Macon, GA that is inspired through lifestyle.

Roasted Clothing is about where you are going...not where you have been.

Go online and visit Roasted Clothing to pick up one of these very limited Roasted Tomahawk shirts!

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