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New BBQ Restaurant Opening in M'ville

Because you can't win friends with salad

If there was one thing that they could agree on, it is that they never agree on anything. For generations, the Bird and Cat kinfolk have lived side by side in grumpy silence, trying never to cross paths. The only time they would get near each other was for the many cooking contests that the proud families would enter in direct competition with each other. The tempers were hot, the spices rich, the barbecue savory. Each won an equal share, but was unable to surpass the other.

So who had the better barbecue? To this day, that question has never been answered. Bird and Cat finally decided to bury the hatchet in hickory wood instead of each other's backs, joining forces to bring you the finest barbecue south of the moon. Sit down, grab a beer, eat their labors of love, stay for some cobbler.

They may not agree on a single thing to this day, but you and yours will agree that BirdCat is mighty fine.

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