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El Camino Releases New Menu

Downtown Macon's only Taqueria and Cantina has a new menu and it will not disappoint!

Wes Griffith and Chad Evans, owners of the Moonhanger Group, are continuing to elevate tacos, tortas and tequilas from an afterthought to an authentic, delicious part of the dining experience as they unveiled their revamped menu today.

 A few items from the previous menu are missing, but don't worry because the new additions are worthy of new acclaim.  Guests can continue to expect the simplistic yet refined focus on tacos, tortas, salads and wings and smoked and braised proteins, fresh ingredients, chef‐inspired cremas and salsas and high‐quality dishes will continue to dominate the menu.  Between a more enhanced selection of house made sauces/rub choices for wings to their Tex-Mex twist on barbecue with the Brisket Taco, El Camino's new menu will impress all.



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