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New Restaurant Alert - Downtown Macon

Big news for lovers of authentic Mexican food!

Downtown Macon is a long way from Guadalajara in Mexico, but the owners of La Bella Morelia saw an opportunity within the Poplar Street revitalization.  The owners found that the area was ripe for authentic Mexican food.   

Authentic Mexican food at affordable prices is just one of the themes at La Bella Morelia.  The generous portions of the finest fresh ingredients combined with secret spices to will please your palate.  The tacos at La Bella Morelia, a Mexican mainstay comprised of spiced grilled steak garnished with chopped cilantro, onion will remind you of the folded treasures sold in authentic Mexican taquerias.

The menu includes enchiladas, tostados, tacos and burritos as well as pambasco, bread that is dipped in red sauce, topped with potato, Mexican sausage, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.  There are also gorditas, Mexican hotdogs, platters and Chile Rellenos.

Located on the corner of Broadway and Poplar, downtown’s newest authentic Mexican restaurant opened Monday to a steady dining crowd.  The small taqueria seats around 40 people and plans to sell alcohol within the next month once they have obtainined their liquor license. 

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