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If you're one to feed your four-legged friend under the dinner table, one restaurant's menu will appeal to you.

The restaurant world is a lot more pet-friendly than you'd think and one such restaurant in Central Georgia is going to the dogs.  

Located on the square in Forsyth, in the former space that was Ann's Deli, The Pickled Okra is serving up items to your four-legged best friend as well as cold and hot sandwiches, salads and sides for their humans.  Owner Greg Goolsby recently took over the former Ann's Deli and added a bar for customers to watch the game as well as adding live music on Saturday's but Goolsby didn't stop there.  

The Pickled Okra has now become Forsyth's new dog friendly destination.  The Pickled Okra doesn't want you to leave your beloved animal companion at home when it's time for lunch or dinner because a dog has got to eat too!  The Pickled Okra welcomes your animals to join you at an outdoor table to dine with you with their very own menu.  The "4 Legged Kids Menu" offers up your furry friends an assortment of options that consist of deli meat remnants that are to small to be sliced.  

The Wendy - Bread, Turkey and Cheese

The Sosie - Bread, Ham & Cheese

The Baxter - Bread, Boiled Egg & Cheese

100% of the proceeds from the "4 Legged Kids Menu" is donated to Save-a-PetMonroe County's only no-kill animal shelter, dedicated to finding forever homes for dogs.

To view The Pickled Okra's Human Menu click HERE or visit them on Facebook to find out more.