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Restaurant Delivery Service Now Available in Macon

Get the Food You Want, From the Central Georgia Restaurants You Love, Delivered!

Kenny Donovan's Milledgeville based KNG Delivery has been offering online ordering for delivery or carryout from Middle Georgia's favorite restaurants since he graduated from GCSU in 2012 and has now expanded its operations to Macon.  

Thanks to KNG Delivery, you can now order food from your favorite Macon restaurants with a few swipes of your finger on their app or mobile website that allow you to search from a comprehensive list of over 30 restaurants (with more restaurants to be added soon), that will have your food delivered to your door.

We reached out to Donovan, the sole owner of KNG Delivery this week and he stated "Essentially, we provide an online ordering platform that partners with delivery professionals to deliver from restaurants that would not typically offer delivery. We plan on expanding rapidly through the downtown Macon area and into North Macon. You can order from the zip codes 31201, 31204, 31210, 31217, 31211 and 31296. We have a flat free delivery of $4.99 that covers the first 6 miles from the restaurant and then it $0.99 per mile after 6 miles."

How It Works:

Download KNG Delivery's mobile app for Android on Google Play or the App Store for iPhone.  You can also access KNG Delivery through their user friendly website.

Step One:  In the Deliver To This Address box above, enter your zip code, optional address and requested delivery time.

Step Two: Pick a restaurant from the list on the left of your screen and tell them what you'd like to order.
Restaurants in Dark Red are open, and restaurants in Light Red are unavailable. The menu will appear after you enter your zip code. Customize the order in whichever way you would like by clicking the customize button. 

Step Three: Click on Checkout and follow ALL of the steps, and you'll have your food delivered to your home or business in about 30 to 60 minutes.
KNG Delivery stops accepting orders 30 minutes prior to the restaurant kitchen's closing. Ordering times are located in each restaurant's menu.

A professional delivery driver will deliver your order in thermal insulated bags with hot and cold compartments to make sure that your food always arrives hot and fresh, every time!

Restaurants in Macon that are now offering delivery through KNG Delivery (as of 09/05/2017) are:

KNG Delivery also offers delivery from a variety of Milledgeville restaurants for Baldwin County residents:


To check out participating restaurant menus, place delivery or pickup orders or to find out more information about KNG Delivery visit them online or like and follow them on Facebook.



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