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Halloween Treats Now Available

Get into the spirit of the season with these spooky good Halloween treats!


Well, it’s October so it is time to breakout the Halloween decorations and gear up for the upcoming Halloween parties!  From cute buttercream-frosted candy corn to more sinister-shaped sweets, The Casserole Shop has rounded up some wicked good Halloween cookies for your next haunted hang-out.

If your Halloween includes cookies, let the experts at The Casserole Shop do the legwork for you with their dazzling selection of themed holiday cookies that are sure to wow the crowds of kids and adults alike.  From pumpkins and ghosts to owls and spiders, The Casserole Shop’s cookies are canvases for beautiful, intricately designed cookies.  

The sky is the limit as to what The Casserole Shop can do for you. Have a special cookie design request? Seen cookies on Pinterest that you absolutely want but can't find? The Casserole Shop can do it!

Locally owned and operated, The Casserole Shop & Bakery is conveniently located in Macon on Forsyth Road, in the Vineville Crossing Shopping Center. Learn more by visiting The Casserole Shop online or follow them on Facebook.