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Natalia's Italian Restaurant Under New Ownership

The restaurant helped introduce Macon to fine Italian fare.



When Natalia del Basso-Orsini opened Natalia's in January 1984, it was before foodie culture exploded and expanded diverse offerings.  Now located at 201 North Macon Street in the quaint Providence community in North Bibb County, is Natalia's.  Known and awarded for its commitment to culinary excellence since 1984, Natalia del Basso-Orsini will soon hand over her restaurant ownership after 33 years of business this month to brothers, Wes and Travis Griffith of the Moonhanger Group.

Even Macon’s celebrated wine aficionados will tell you that if you want a real experience, you must go to Natalia’s.  The restaurant has a vast selection of domestic and imported wines.  For the past 33 years, Natalia has served everyone  from “the affluent and trendy diners to those looking to celebrate a special occasion or have a romantic and relaxing dining experience.” 


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