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A family style restaurant that offers exceptional Italian cuisine.

Minori’s is a family style restaurant located in Forsyth, Georgia that offers exceptional Italian cuisine. Head chef and restaurateur Chelsea Larkin crafted Minori’s with a singular vision - To create an atmosphere that makes every day feel like Sundays at Nona’s house.

At Minori's, their daily goal is to create and serve fine Italian food for the customer. They love using fresh food, flavorful food, food that’s in season, and food that’s distinct. Every morning before opening Minori's, they stock their shelves with market fresh ingredients so that the food they serve you is as fresh and flavorful as possible. They are always welcoming at their restaurant, and wish you a hearty appetite. 

Plates of scratch made antipasti, specialty pasta dishes, decadent seafood, woodfired grilled meats and of course homemade desserts are staple at Minori’s meant for sharing with friends and family. When great food and wine are combined with outstanding service and knowledgeable staff the results are magic.

Minori's has a private dining room that is capable of seating up to 50 guests. Whether it is a business meeting or party, Minori's will provide you with a private lunch or dinner dining experience like none other.

Learn more about Minori's and visit them online or follow them on Facebook.

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