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Middle Georgia Restaurants Featured In 100 Plates Locals Love

Several Middle Georgia eateries were recently featured in an article entitled 100 Plates Locals Love, published online by the website. The 100 Plates selected were from a wide ranging group of restaurants that represent a rather eclectic culinary selection. You also have to keep in mind the article was written by the state of Georgia’s Official Tourism and Travel agency, so a lot of emphasis was placed on selecting dishes from around the state in order to shine the tourism light evenly.

Here are the selections from our neck of the woods as decided by the Explore Georgia writers. For the most part our Food Editor agrees with the selections made, but would have made a few minor changes. 

Perry, Georgia made a strong showing on the 100 Plates Locals Love with not one, but two dishes featured.

100 Plates: Bahn Mi, The Perfect Pear, Perry. I love the combination of flavors — you have sweet, tangy, and spicy all wrapped up into one!  –Michelle R.

100 Plates: Carrot Casserole, Oil Lamp Restaurant, Perry. Silky, sweet, and nutritious! Homemade comfort. We usually eat it as dessert. –Gabriela G.

Forsyth, Georgia has a very worthy restaurant listed;

100 Plates: Double Shrimp and Grits, Grits Cafe, Forsyth. Southern twang of barbecue added to a great Southern dish. –Marlies P.

Macon, Georgia sadly enough only rated one entry into the Top 100, but it is from a Macon staple of food that no one can deny deserves a place on the Top 100 Plates we love.

100 Plates: White Pizza, Ingleside Village Pizza, Macon. It’s delicious. I get mine with extra black olives and a salad. –Billie I.

Bonaire, Georgia also made the list:

100 Plates: Ropa Vieja, Cuban Island Cafe, Bonaire. The flavors are wonderful, and the meat is so juicy. –Kimby E.

All in All the Middle, Georgia Area was well represented in the Top 100 Plates locals love. We recommend you take the time to read the rest of the list for some good destination dining ideas.  

Thanks to Explore Georgia for taking the time to select these 100 Plates Locals Love and giving some positive exposure to the culinary geniuses residing in the Mid state area. You can read the full 100 plates locals love article HERE

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