Parish On Cherry

Now that Parish on Cherry has hosted their official Grand Opening, our gatekeepers were some of the many locals who flocked to the new downtown restaurant Parish On Cherry to give it a try.  Since their soft opening a few weeks ago, this new Cajun restaurant has been the new talk of the town.  We received so many opinions that we sent several gatekeepers to give this place a try.

Parish on Cherry is a Cajun restaurant that offers several Louisiana dishes, and is located downtown in the building that was previously The Wall night club.  The space has been cleaned and transformed into a quaint dining space with indoor and outdoor seating.  The décor is simple and inviting with Louisiana inspired accents (mardi gras beads abound of course).  We started off with drinks, and the bartender was great!  

The "Lucky Buck" (pictured left) is a dreamcicle tasting delight, that bartender was experimenting with that day.  Another gatekeeper tried the signature drink special of the day called the “John Daily”, which is a variation of an Arnold Palmer.  It was sweet and delicious with enough of a kick to make John Daily proud!

All the gatekeepers universally agreed that the crispy potatoes, which came as a side dish with the oyster po-boy, were very good.  They were flavorful without being over seasoned.

Other dishes that tried were classics that you would expect from a Cajun restaurant:  Red Beans and rice, and Seafood Etoufee.  Both dishes were good, and satisfying.  The serving sizes for all of the dishes ordered were appropriate, and none of us left disappointed.

Overall, our dining experience at Parish On Cherry was good.  The staff was attentive and the food was satisfying.  Parish on Cherry is definitely a welcomed addition to the downtown dining scene, so check it out and let us know that you think.

Phone: 478*257*7253


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Lucky Buck

Oyster Po'Boy 

Red Beans and Rice

Seafood Etoufee