Middle Georgia's Top 5 Pizza Parlors

Pizza has become a universal element of nourishment consumed by billions around the world on a daily basis. It has taken the deep south a little longer to adopt pizza as a core element of the modern diet, but today southerners are just as passionate about their pizza as they are about grits and sweet tea. Here in the Mid-State we are blessed with an abundance of choices when it comes to finding the perfect slice of pie. With almost 4000 survey responses, over two thousand social media engagements and a lot of taste testing from the State of the Plate team, here are the TOP 5 most popular Pizza places in middle Georgia.

1.  Ingleside Village Pizza

There is no doubt about it, IVP is the number one place to get your pizza fix in Macon. The owner, Tina Dickson, is affectionately known as “Our Lady of Pizza” due the decades of dedication she has put into perfecting the craft of pizza preparation. If you go to IVP we highly recommend the Village Ultimate Pizza.


2.  Fatty's Pizza

Their logo says it all, damn the calories and let your inner pizza freak indulge. Fatty’s is a solid go to pizza place for a quick slice of the pie for lunch or at 2am on Friday night when you are craving pepperoni and mozzarella after a night of clubbing hard.


3.  My Father's Pizza Place

This little pizza place in Warner Robins has a faithful following of foodies who are adamant that “My Father’s Place” makes the best pizza in the Mid-State. Boasting 25 years of success in serving authentic American style pizza, the owner takes pride in attention to the myriad of details that goes into making the perfect pizza.


4.  Greek Corner Pizza

More than just a Pizzeria, Greek Corner is a full service restaurant with an extensive menu, but the pizza is always a cornerstone of their popularity. They offer a limited delivery area,  and drive-thru pick up but the best experience can be had when coming inside this cozy establishment for your favorite pizza piping hot out of the oven direct to your table.


(TIE) 5.  Doughboy Pizza

If you're looking for a place that has a good pizza vibe and takes the art of pizza making seriously then you need to check out Doughboys. The pizza oven is working late into the night on the weekends as Doughboy stays open till midnight making sure hungry denizens of downtown have access to pizza.

(TIE) 5.  Sauced

When your main clientele is college students then you better know how to make a darn good pizza pie. Located next door to Mercer University, Sauced knows the formula for making delicious pizza that is served up fast and can even be delivered right to your dorm room.