Gateway Macon Ga Restaurant Revew GrowGROW (formerly Good-To-Go)

I was sad to see old Good-to-Go was gone, but you know they always say change is good. In this case change is GREAT! I went there not knowing what to expect, but when it comes to food I always have an open mind.

Upon entering I immediately noticed the décor and environment was so friendly and inviting. The menu features all things that are fresh from local farms. There were so many tempting dishes I wanted to try (the Chicken Salad looked Amazing), but after talking to the friendly waitress who explained that everything is locally grown and each week the menu changes and at some point my beloved butter beans would be back on the menu, I decided on the eggplant parmesan. What a simply fantastic choice. They brought out half an eggplant that was filled with crispy bites of eggplant that had been cut, diced, breaded and fried and then covered with sauce and cheese. How can you go wrong covering anything with sauce and cheese? It was melt in your mouth savory! I also had a side of smashed sweet potatoes that were perfect, not too sweet, and not too mushy.

After I finished my plate I contemplated dessert but knowing that I had to be productive the rest of the day instead of napping off this wondrous meal, I decided to save it for my next visit. Since the menu changes often it is hard to recommend any other dishes that caught me attention, but I highly recommend you give Grow a Try! I promise you, it will be amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s on the menu next week!

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