In The Kitchen With The Reynolds





Ever feel the anticipation of going somewhere new? As the car traveled over the curves of the road, well past any sign of commercial development, my mind tried to imagine what I would encounter.  Once we finally turned off the main road and followed the wooden pasture fence, we entered the gate and traveled down the winding, tree-lined driveway.  It brought to mind an old Southern plantation, elegant and charming.  

After about three more minutes of twists and turns, we finally arrived at the home of Carl and Kim Reynolds. Getting out of the car, it was quiet and serene. Taking a moment to take in the beauty of the home, I noticed that while the home was as luxurious as they come, it was the welcoming Southern charm that made the Reynolds’ Estate one to remember.

Before the interview took place, I was able to enjoy the backyard of the home.  With two gazebos and a large patio that overlooks a serene lake, it was easy to see that this was a place for entertaining, a place where many memories had been made. Later in the day, I would discover that the Estate was being prepared for one of life’s happiest events, a wedding reception for the oldest Reynolds daughter!

Although I could enjoy the relaxing, picturesque view of the Reynolds lake for hours, it was time to start the interview.   As Kim Reynolds led me into the kitchen, I instantly felt at home. The beautiful kitchen is well designed for intimate family meals or large dinner parties.  From the one-of-a kind stone wall to the exquisite marble countertops, this Viking-style kitchen was the dream kitchen of Kim Reynolds. She was happy to tell me that Patricia Danzig of Design Galleria in Atlanta, GA brought her vision to life.

Carl Reynolds is the Senior Partner of Reynolds, Horne & Survant, a Macon-based law firm with a focus on personal injury cases. Mr. Reynolds, a US Army Infantry veteran, received a MBA from the University of Georgia and received his law degree from Mercer Law School.  Kim Reynolds, a Macon native, graduated from Georgia College & State University.  Mrs. Reynolds was an avid runner and even ran the 1987 New York Marathon, where Mr. Reynolds accompanied her as the baggage handler.  Carl and Kim, who have been married 29 years, have shared a love for running, tennis, golf, horses, and other animals, but most of all for their four children, Kate, Hannah, Callie and William.

Sitting at the grand wooden table with Carl & Kim Reynolds, I started to observe the small details of the kitchen. From the ceramic pottery to the Plant Power Way book by Julie Piatt and Rich Roll off to the side of the massive gas stove, everything had its place.  Adjacent to the kitchen is a cozy sitting area where I could only imagine the numerous conversations with family and friends that have taken place while meals were being prepared.

While the Reynolds estate may be one of the largest in Macon, the kitchen area is warm, inviting and intimate. One of the first questions I asked Carl & Kim was about their favorite dish to make. While I imagined that they would talk about traditional Southern Thanksgiving-style meals, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a different response. Roasted wild salmon, sautéed spinach, rice pilaf and a nice tossed salad was the answer I received. And that is when I began to realize that in the Reynolds’ kitchen the focus is on family and healthy cooking.

Versatile, healthy and simple were the three words that Kim Reynolds used to describe her cooking style. Mrs. Reynolds began to talk about all the simple, yet fresh dishes that she and her family have created. From Callie’s famous vegan chili to shrimp pasta salad, the Reynolds family creates food for the soul that is good for the body. Collecting fresh eggs from their chickens and goat milk from their family goat, Goatis Redding, the simple Southern charm of the Reynolds family is evident and humbling.  Never cooking without her olive oil, coconut oil, kosher salt and fresh garlic, Kim Reynolds keeps it simple. The occasional times they choose to indulge in meat, Carl Reynolds can be found grilling in the backyard. It is a family affair from the menu selection to the execution. While they like to sporadically entertain, they feel most at home with their family and a fresh new recipe, preferably vegan.

Carl & Kim Reynolds have mastered the art of creating a kitchen and atmosphere that is filled with laughter, love, and simple Southern charm. It’s not about the size of the meal, but the love, care and the people with whom you enjoy it.


Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds for letting us in your kitchen.