The Brickhouse Bar and Grill

Look out Middle Georgia, there is a new contender for Best Burger in town! The Brick House Grill & Bar opened to the public a few short months ago and already this new eatery is generating a buzz among those that put a high value on their beef. The Brick House Grill is owned and operated by the same restaurateur who brought Maggio’s Italian restaurant to Macon. The owner wanted to expand his culinary and hospitality offers with something a little more casual and focused on American fare.  

Located off Bill Conn Parkway in Gray Georgia, The Brick House Grill and Bar is a locally owned family friendly burger joint showcasing fresh regional ingredients, Angus beef and friendly service.  The food is well-thought-out and prepared with care, which helped to explain the crowded restaurant. You’ll be eating various configurations of burgers here, the presence of such luxuries as salads on the menu notwithstanding.

If you’re a traditionalist, have the Brick House burger, which comes with lettuce, onion, tomato, an onion ring, cheese and Applewood bacon. It’s meaty, drippy and thoroughly satisfying. But really, you should try the more imaginative combinations, all of which come on airy, toasty buns. These include the Wicked Pimento Cheese Burger, Fried Pickle Slaw Burger and the most famous Brick Layer Burger.

The first thing you notice when you pick one of their burgers up is its sheer heft. These are big, solid hamburgers, made from juicy, Angus beef that is ground in-house.   A hefty two hander, the onion ring was not skimped on, and the bacon was nice and crispy. Served with a side of generously cut French fries, I quickly devoured it.

At about $10.00 for lunch, we found it a great value, and if you are very hungry and looking to satisfy, the trip to Gray, Georgia is well worth the effort.

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